BFA in Production - How to Apply

BFA in Production

Admission to Film: Production program (BFA) at York University is based on both academic and artistic criteria. The University reviews your academic history, while artistic admissibility is assessed by the Department of Film.

We are looking for bright, ambitious people from a variety of backgrounds who have a passion for working with, and understanding, the moving image.

Application to the Film Production program is a two-step process:

1. Apply to York University

Submit your application to the York University: School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design - Film Production (BFA) program on the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website.  If you are not a current high school student, you may apply through OUAC or directly to the York University Office of Admissions.

2. Complete the Supplementary Evaluation

Once you have completed Step 1 (above) and have received your York Reference Number, you may proceed to the Supplementary Evaluation website.

Supplementary Evaluation fee: $60 (payable by Visa, MasterCard or American Express)

The Supplementary Evaluation for our Film Production program has several components. The first part entails online submission of a concept proposal for a documentary or fiction film, and a portfolio. 

Concept Proposal:
You'll be asked to outline an idea for film, using one of the starting points defined below. We’re interested in your perceptions about the world around you, and how you might work creatively with them. Your proposal does not need to be for a project that you can realistically achieve as a student. Go ahead and dream. But be as concrete and specific as you can. Keep your proposal simple, direct and brief. (c. 400 word max).

a) Choose a contemporary subject for a documentary film. This could be a portrait of someone or an exploration of a place or an event. Discuss what appeals to you about this subject and why you feel it would make a powerful film (as opposed to why it is “important”). Do you have a personal relationship to the subject? What is its psychological, social or political significance?


b) Choose a subject that you find compelling and feel would make an interesting basis for a fiction film. Explain why you chose the topic and what your personal interest is in it. What would be the core theme(s) you would explore through recounting this story? What would be the dramatic focus? What genre(s) would the story fit into?


You be asked to upload either

  • 1 or 2 short videos (or excerpts) which you have directed or for which you served as cinematographer/videographer or editor. Total running time shouild be no more than15 minutes.


  • up to 20 photographs, visual art pieces or visual documentations of an artistic project that you created/developed.

​​Interview (for short-listed applicants).
Your uploaded Supplementary Evaluation materials, along with your most recent available grades, will be reviewed by faculty in the Department of Film. 

Based on the results of this review, short-listed applicants will be invited for an on-campus interview.

The day will also include film screenings, a tour of our facilities, and other opportunities to get to know our program. 

We strongly encourage all our short-listed applicants to attend the on-campus day as it offers you the most extensive and engaged experience. However if you live more than 400km away from York University, or have other extenuating circumstances that preclude you from coming to campus, you may arrange a distance evaluation via Skype.

Note: If you are also applying to the BFA in Screenwriting, you must complete a second online Supplementary Evaluation for that program.

Additional Program Information:

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York University and the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design offer an array of scholarships for incoming students. In addition to 15 Fine Arts Talent Awards of $1000, scholarships are available based on academic performance or by application. Further information can be found on the York University Admission website.

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